Rose Office Systems

Modular Architecture

Rose Modular Office Systems architecture in doors, windows, lighting and more. (Click on thumbnails to view larger photos)
Stone Corner Accents and window trim detail
Cab 1
Cab 2
Cab 3
Cab 4
Cab 5
Cab 6
Cab 7
Cab 8
Cab 9
Cab 10
Graphite Nebula Countertop with Dark Oak Stained Cabinets Cab 11
Cab 12
Cab 13
Medium Oak Stained Cabinet with graphite nebula laminate top. Cab 14
Custom Cabinets Cab 15
Custom Cabinets Cab 16
Cabinet Hardware
Ext Door 1
Ext Door 2
Ext Door 3
Ext Door 4
Ext Door 5
Ext Door 6
Ext Door 7
Ext Door 8
Custom Door Int Door 1
Int Door 2
Int Door 3
Int Door Hardware 1
Int Door Hardware 2
Ext Window 1
Ext Window 2
Ext Window 3
Ext Window 4
Ext Window 5
Ext Window Cashier
Ext Window Cashier Inside
HVAC Pad Mt 1
HVAC Pad Mt 2
HVAC Roof Mt 1
HVAC Wall Mt 1
HVAC Wall Mt 2
Interior HVAC System 1
Interior HVAC System 2
Midnight Melange countertop Countertop 1
Gutter system
Internal downspout tie in
Roof Drains
Roof drain assembly
Roof mounted HVAC
Roof mounted HVAC
Roof slope
11' Box Beam Ceiling with Custom Lighting
11' Box Beam Ceiling with Custom Lighting
Eemax Internal Water Heater
Plumbing Fixture 1
Plumbing Fixture 2
Showing Customer Specified finishes & fixtures. Plumbing Fixture 3
Plumbing Fixture 4
Toilet Partition
Floor Outlet
Other Photo Albums
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