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Westside Medical Clinic constructed by Rose Office Systems in the Fall of 2012
Larry Tucker, FNP, of Westside Medical Clinic in Sumner, Mississippi, relates his personal experience working with Rose Office Systems to build a custom rural medical clinic in a modular building. The speed, efficiency and strength of the construction are all benefits of buying a modular building.

Westwood Baptist Church purchased a 9,200 square feet modular complex from Rose Office Systems in 2008.
In 2013, Jack Roberts relates his personal experience working with the Rose Office Systems team of professionals to construct a 9,200 square feet modular complex for Sunday school classrooms and church offices at Westwood Baptist Church in Alabaster, Alabama. 

Tim Carrigan
Executive Director of Operations
Westwood Baptist Church in Alabaster, Alabama
Rose Office Systems installed 9,200 square feet of additional classroom space for their youth and adult classes in early 2008.

Rev. H. Lee Lowery, Rector
Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit 

“We found the modular option:

  • Solidly constructed, easily comparable to stick construction.
  • Cost effective, we got about twenty percent more space within our budget.
  • Fast, we will be in our new building much sooner than traditional construction.”  Full Referral - Click Here!

Gil Trest, Project Specialist
University of Mississippi Medical Center, Dept of Emergency Medicine

“The best part is from first talking with Garry to actually occupying the building was less than 6 months. Garry delivers and supports a very high quality product.”  Full Referral - Click Here!

Chris Fountain, Fountain Construction Company, Inc.

“Garry and his office staff and setup crew always do what they say they are going to do when they say they are going to do it!”  Full Referral - Click Here!

Bill Horan, President & COO
Operation Blessing International

“In a world where so few keep their word and deliver on promises, it has been a real pleasure to do business with Rose Office Systems.”  Full Referral - Click Here!

Tony Christie, Pastor
Woodlawn Baptist Church

"I want to thank you for the excellent service that you extended to us during the process of acquiring our two 1,500 square foot modular buildings from you.Click Here To Read More!

Rose Duffy, Director of Materials Management
North Georgia Medical Center

"Thank you again for working closely with us on our Physician's Office.  The assistance you provided in the design and completion of this office was outstanding. By working with the physician and keeping in close contact with me, the finished office met both our needs.Click Here To Read More!

Paul H. Littlefield, Program Director
Baptist Health

"I would like to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation for the excellent services provided by Mr. Garry Cain. He assisted us in designing, leasing and setting up our modular classroom/offices for our School of Radiologic Technology."  Click Here To Read More!

Mike Lester, Director, Facilities/Plant Operations
St. Mary's Health Care System, Inc.

"St. Mary's Hospital recently purchased a 2,875 square foot modular building from Rose Office Systems. The building was purchased for use as a pediatric medical clinic and the clinical staff are thrilled with the building.Click Here To Read More!

Russell Goad, Administrator
Children's Comprehensive Services, Inc.

"We recently had the pleasure of working with Garry Cain of Rose Office Systems in the setup of a 1,680 sq. ft. modular office building here at the McDowell Center for Children. The offices were set up for the administrative employees.Click Here To Read More!

Mike Adams, Director of Facilities
Gilmore Memorial Hospital

"Last year we had to expand several non-clinical offices of the hospital in order to keep up with the growth (about 2,400 square feet).  I spoke to several modular building companies on possible solutions and needs that would work under my budget. Garry Cain (Rose Office Systems) was my choice due to the response and personal touch to meet my needs.Click Here To Read More!

Edware T. Moore, Lieutenant Colonel, USA (Ret)
Director of Facility Engineering
Georgia Military College

"We recently had the opportunity to work with Garry Cain and Rose Office Systems to design and set-up several new temporary college classrooms.  After talking with many different companies we found that Rose's prices were extemely competitive while their quality remained high."

Tony Blanton, Headmaster
Monroe Academy

"Last spring when we were looking for help in deciding whether buying and using a modular classroom was feasible, Garry Cain of Rose Office Systems proved invaluable. Not only did he send us information, but he came for a campus visit and walked the campus by himself and then again with me."  Click Here To Read More!

Bubba Justice, Senior Pastor
Inverness Vineyard Church

"We recently worked with Garry Cain of Rose Office Systems to set up a temporary building to be used as our offices while our permanent offices are under construction. He helped us decide that it would be better to relocate offices to the temporary building rather than a children's classroom."  Click Here To Read More!

Alan Reid, Associate Pastor
Christ Community Church

"When our church was faced with an immediate need for additional space for Christian education, I consulted with several modular building companies. The decision to do business with Garry Cain of Rose Office Systems was based not only upon the product and its pricing, but upon his commitment and integrity.Click Here To Read More!

Lawrence Conaway, Facilities Manager
The Guiding Light Church Family

"The Guiding Light Church family would like to take this opportunity to express their satisfaction with the double wide portable office building that Rose Office Systems, Inc. setup in July 2000 at our Roebuck facilities. Everybody is pleased with the installation, outside appearance, and internal decor.Click Here To Read More!

Cathryn Baker, Office Manager
Hubbell Steel Corporation

"Hubbell Steel Corporation bought our 1800 square foot office building from Rose Office Systems on January 2, 1999.  Garry Cain supported us in our move and transition period making sure everything was as it should be."  Click Here To Read More!

Arley M. Johnson, Project Engineer
Brooks Run Mining Company, LLC.

"Last fall, we had the opportunity to work with Garry Cain and his staff at Rose Office Systems. Ours was a unique situation and Garry jumped right in and kept the ball rolling. We were needing modular offices so we could relocate our main office to a strategic location to better the company."  Click Here To Read More!

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